Your perfect little voice

Your perfect little voice


It speaks to protect you,

To keep you safe and sound.

For it does not know

that you are stronger now,

You are higher now, you know what you want.

Your calls to spirit, are no longer a taunt.

Your soul that’s awakening,

Shouts; ‘I’ll show you the way,’

You promise to listen,

Tomorrow, someday.

Now you are ready

To heed every call,

I will listen, I will listen,  

That little voice calls.

I have awaited your joy, your pride, for

All that you are,

I have known it all along,

It’s never been far.

Sometimes the torrid seas,

Were all that you knew,

I place healing hands to calm the deep blue.

Your joy is your guide as it swells and spins.

It’s all about you, it’s all within,

So follow your heart

for it knows, it knows. 

Your time is now,

To act, to shine, & ultimately show

How grand that little voice is, so true,

So perfect,

Because it’s all within you!


Joanna L. Perez ©

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I am passionate about ascension & expansion discussions.  Connect with me to book a consultation.  Stay tuned for Sept., when we open our Center for Ascension & Higher Learning and our StarSeed Academy for Children & Young Adults!  

Higher learning and ascension ~ my passion! My offering!  

Blessed to know you & connect with you here in this lifetime and reality,

Joanna L. Perez


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Light my way

( Poetically in my own way~a trip through time for I light my way….)

When I was young, the days were different.

When I was young, I seemed to know things, I seemed to hear things, I seemed to be lost in a world of my own.  Others would look and shake their heads, rarely understanding my introverted ways, my incessant thought & need to know ‘why.’

When I was young, I remember loneliness and one good friend.  I remember the pain of being misunderstood and misled to believe in others fears and thoughts.

As I grew, a steady theme followed me as I look back now.

The struggle, the pain, the loneliness and sadness I hid so well.

“Pretend you are strong, be a leader!” I would recite.

“I don’t need them anyhow, I am usually right?”

Somehow it seemed I would keep on trying.  Finding love, finding peace, the light kept shining.  Even in its slightest of ways, I saw you peaking your vibrant rays.  I know you are there, so ‘thank you, anyways.’

Then one day after much too much loss, I thought I would lie down, forget it and toss,

all that I had for I didn’t really care,

then you were there, your clean, bright stare.

Shining again as you always had, when things were the toughest you made me feel glad,

to see you once more, as you reminded me so, I am here for a purpose, “so get up and let’s go.”

I wiped my tears, and picked myself up.  I am blessed that you saved me and you never gave up.

You knew of my essence, my strength, and my path, you healed my pains and gave me a bath.

For it was there in your shower of love and of light, ‘I know am whole now, for the first time in my life.’

I look back now, on those awkwardly lonely times,

I know it was a path that I just had to climb.  For each step has brought me closer to you, my beautiful light, my wonderful you.

I cannot show you exactly how much, the depth of my gratitude for your every light touch.  You touched my heart and you sprinkle my life,

For I would not be, if you were not that bright.

You have showed me the way more times than I know,

you shower me with love and you encourage my growth.

So as I sit here and write of my woes, its not all bad as the evening slows.

Just know that my love for you is as bright, as the stars that guide me into the night.

They shine for you, as they shine me,

their steadfast presence and loyalty,

keeps me balanced and grateful to know

that I am still here and its time to ‘LET GO.’

Time to awaken & lay down the dark,

breathe in your light essence and hit the spark,

For a new day is dawning, and its lively and quick.

We are all here to stay and glow and lick,

the wounds of the past and weary dark.

Know every pain make us who we are,

I validate it all and will never compare.

You light my way, today and tomorrow,

I am grateful for your presence I release all sorrow.

I am grateful for who  you are,  so step out of your sludge,

for it is not really you, its only a grudge.  Let it go, lie it down, release it all,

A slight detour you took, we all take the fall.

Now look up, we are here as we always have been.

Loving you, guiding you, and some may have seen,

us gently asking for your greatest sight,

to see what we do, for YOU are the light.

We will follow you, and help you, and watch you try,

remember the light, remember the sky!

To this new day dawning I will end with only this,

the light on my path is the light I have wished.

For it has always been, to this girl who once could not see,

that the light that has been shining for I know it is ME.

So know this too, that it is within you~your light, your guide, your story so true.

It is only yours and no other can tell, your story is yours, so wear it well.

Stand tall, think big, & walk with pride,

for you are the only one, who knows your essence, its your ride.

Your journey is now, it’s grand and it’s fun,

It’s all yours to take hold of, your life

has just begun!

My blessings to everyone and all that shine and light the way for a new brighter day!

xoxo Joanna

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When time ceases to exist

As we ascend on this vibrational ladder, we see and feel the difference of a more flexible time span.  We notice circumstances and situations seemingly slip away from us when we glance at the clock or notice that you feel less and less ‘planted’ firmly on the ground.  I sometimes feel a very noticeable effort to have to ground myself before I go into work so that I can ensure I am giving 100% of my service to my customers and I have to concentrate more purposefully when giving change back.  I feel sometimes like I slip in and out of parallel realities for a nano-second and have to remember how to live like a denser human for every day activities.  

This is how I feel the subtleties of an energetic shift.  I feel the difference in time shifting to being less poignant.  As we shift, as we raise our vibration as a global community, we will come up with different inspirations to flow with this new way of being. We will show up when we need to with whom we need to be there with.  We will plan less, organize less, we will slip into the easiness of just ‘being’ as we should as higher aware spirits.  When time ceases to run our lives, we slip more into our spirit selves.  We will rely solely on our intuition and higher selves to guide us and align us with our higher paths.  Naturally, without ‘trying’ or without struggle.  Spirit does not struggle, it does not worry or force anything to happen.  

When you have gifts simply land on your lap, appear out of nowhere, you have tapped into spirit.  When you have received exactly what you need when you need it from unconsidered sources, when you hear what you need when you need it, when you connect with what you need when you need it – this is slipping into your higher self and you spirit self.  Go with it – it is who you were born to be.  You came here with specific plans to experience this age of awakening.  You knew you wanted to wake up from a long, dark sleep.  You knew you had much to offer and much to learn.  You knew you were worthy of this great life and you had all there is to give and receive in this magnificent journey.  Remember who you are as a spirit. Meditate and reflect in quiet time to your true natural self.  Remind yourself of your expansive divine potential.  It is time!  

Your ascension starts now.  My blessings and love always for your divinely inspired week ahead.  

Love and light,

Joanna L. Perez

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*** Stay tuned for our new school on higher learning ***

Center for Ascension & Higher Learning

StarSeed Academy for Children & Young Adults



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Universal Oneness & Our Ascension

As I was driving home from work this evening, I was amazed at how little I see in the nights sky.  Over the past few years I have noticed less and less of its beauty due to light pollution.  This is worrisome on so many levels but more directly I cannot share a past time love that I had when I was little; sleeping under the stars on the patio watching the stars, dreaming and dozing into the depths of their beauty and complexity.  As I got out of my car, I stared so diligently to find a constellation and could not find a one.  A clear summer sky and not one constellation.  I guess the side-effect of living in a big city.  I miss the sky. I miss what it represents and how our dreams get even more infinite knowing if we can just take a trip to one star.  I want my kids to dream and gaze.  I want my kids to be inspired of all the far off places they have yet to see but can visualize what it may be like.  Creatively playing about far-off places that are out there to dream of.  

So, instead we go to books and we tell stories of when I was little and sleeping on the patio was a treat and a love.  I use to look up into the sky andImage wonder what else was out there. I knew deep down that there had to be.  Not that we had ever talked about it in our family, possibly jokingly but I just knew that we could not only be the one surviving species among all those stars – impossible.

So, I invite my kids to dream and think about all that there is left to be discovered in our Universe and other Universes.  I dare my kids to visualize what they cannot see and imagine another world and what would it look like.  Who and what would live there?  Would they rely on money and trade to survive?  Would they work as hard as we do for very little to show for it?  Would they feel anxiety if they could find their cell phone?  Would they eat fast food more than they would eat whole, organic food? Would they honour and respect their world, their planet?  Would they dig underground and set off nuclear bombs, or test chemical explosions in struggling oceans?  Would they find barbaric TV shows that glorify killing and fighting entertaining?  Would they stop to sleep on their patios (if they them) to wonder what is happening on our world? Would they see us as an advanced civilization and one that cares with compassion for its earth, oceans and sky’s?  Would they look to us for wisdom and advice in healing and loving without judgement? 

Of any of the above, I am not quite sure. Of this I do know; we are only starting our ascent to a higher version of earth and the one I am going to and experiencing now is one that I can share with my kids without having to turn the stations on the radio’s and TV when the news programs hit, and basic cable runs its shows that are apparently ‘entertaining.’  A world I would not have to shield them from seeing it for what is being marketed to be.  I desire it and tell the story of it being our creation of the change needed to be something amazing. 

Don’t feel sad, frustrated or depressed.  There is now and now we can change all this with the power of our thoughts and beliefs.  If we believe in mass numbers that we all desire and believe that a healthy and compassionate world is our birthright.   A world where manifesting something from nothing is our natural task of the day and we do with joy and no exchange of monetary means required.  

Things are changing – we have this opportunity like never before to act in a powerful way and it all starts with a thought. One thought after another and it can change who you are and what you are right now.  Change the pathways in your brain to create a new and better life that is as wholistic and good as you are.  We have a chance to create goodness all over again and make it right in so many ways.  We are becoming more confident as we walk and we are determined to ask more questions of our politicians, take back the power that we so eagerly gave them.

The time is now.  To think greater thoughts and desire higher realms because we are worthy of it all and more.  We will be more and experience more than we have ever thought or dreamed possible – that is the big surprise of our future.  It is created from this moment – right now.  With every THOUGHT, WORD & DEED, become that higher realm being that is buzzing with love, joy, creative inspiration and unconditional compassion with all they do.  

We are in total control and have the power as we did when we came into this life.  We are awakening for a good reason.  It is time that we take back our spirit and the strength of our soul and the reason each one of us have come here. A higher path, a higher purpose and it is ours.  A beautiful life for us is now.  Take that thought and make it grand.  Take that word and make it count.  Take that deed and create a ripple that affects everyone it will touch.  From a single thought, we can change this world. I need you to believe it is here.  Right now.  Close your eyes, breathe in, and feel the beauty of a healthy, vibrant, compassionate world that expands into this expansive Universe and beyond.  A world that is honoured and cherished for generations to come and one that others teach their children about the soulful stories about how love and inspiration  changed all.  

When I look into the sky and struggle for the sight of a star, I imagine it full, bright with every constellation in its place as it has been for centuries. I imagine that I am in that life, that reality where we as a civilization are loving and in constant expansion and ascension to the stars but that we have learned from our negative ways to the level that we have brought heaven down to earth. We are living in a new day in a new earth.  We are in communion with all other life forms that hold the highest and best energies that challenge and expand our consciousness to new levels of awareness for our greater good.  This is my thought, my words and my deeds.  I think, I speak, and as best that I can, act in ways that will expand the sky and open up for all to experience the love that has always been there for us to tap into.  My desire is to teach, express, create and inspire others to follow the love and truth of their soul to a higher way of learning and living so that we ascend up this celestial ladder together, as one. 

I am delighted to know that my family now, is and has been with me from other lifetimes in other realities and that now all of those lifetimes is culminating to this important time of revelation for everyone.  An awakening that will lead many to their higher calling, changing the world and bringing the stars back to the night sky for all to bask in.  My blessings and light to you all this age of awakening and may we inspire you while you walk your path. 

The stars are dancing in joy of our new found awareness.  May you forever find light in every experience.  

We are one!  Blessings and light always,

Joanna L Perez

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Stay tuned for our non-profit organization launching in Sept., 2013 ~ 

StarSeed Academy for children and young adults

Center for Ascension & Higher Learning 

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The ‘soul’ is crying out to be heard

As I create this first initial post for this blog I know this will be one of many on this topic as it is the reason, the catalyst for me creating the ‘StarSeed Academy’ for children and young adults.  As a mother of three wonderful kids, I am continually creating a space where my kids feel as if their soul has a place to create its own version of a ‘home.’  The souls home is a place where it can be nurtured, freed, supported and feel as if there is that soft place to fall when the world feels too rough.  The StarSeed Academy will be this for all people.  For families wishing a higher ground to teach, learn, play and be free to expand, evolve and ascend together as a family and a community within this amazing Universe.

The soul is our map to true happiness and divine growth.  If we do not heed its subtle calls and its begging for release then we are stuck on an endless merry-go-round of living a mediocre surface existence and never truly knowing our divine infinite essence.  We are meant to be happy, we are meant to live an abundant life with dreams and desires met and celebrated.  We are meant to be so much more than we are right now and our children and families need a place to be free to learn and experience this ‘re’connection to spirit and the soul.   The soul is our own individual spirit mother.  It loves us unconditionally regardless of the paths we choose and what we are.  It is always with us through the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.  It has been with us at every step and at every breath and now it is time to allow our soul to life.  It is us, it is you, it is me.  We are connected in every way to one another through our greater soul lives, our soul families and soul communities.  When did we get so separated?  When did we think it was only a certain religion, or faith, or school?  We are all one and we live on a higher plain when we break the barriers that have kept us as a civilization so cemented to dense plain.  

It is time.  Right now, right here to desire more, want more, be more.  We are spirits, we are amazingly incredible spirit beings that can create anything out of nothing and I want to experience what my soul is begging me to create.  I am listening now.  I am sorry for the years I spent in darkness and fear.  I am here now, I awake now and I am here to speak for you as you have always held me in your greatest regard.  I am from this breath on, from this step on, I am living for your creative expression. I am blessed to have you always with me and guiding me.  Thank you my dear soul and I honour you from this moment on.

Come out and join us in this time where the soul is celebrated and honoured in all creative ways possible as an individual, as a family, as a community and global consciousness.  We are all ONE and we are all spirit beings with the most magnificent souls that need us now to take action and become our true natural selves after centuries of hiding and denial, we are here to stay!  It is time!  The soul is alive and well and it is time to wake up and really start living.


Come out and join us in celebration and joy for the awakening of the soul and spirit.  September we open for online and on-sight classes.  Anywhere in the world, we are here to bridge the gap to higher realms and ascension together.  Together, change can happen.

Coming soon; StarSeed Academy for children & young adults (non-profit org.,)

Coming soon; Center for Ascension and Higher Learning 

**To learn more about teaching or taking part in any of our classes as a student or teacher, please feel free to connect with me at;

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**My love and blessings to all souls guided here.  It is no accident that you are reading this.  Your soul has a higher purpose for you.  It is time.**

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We create weekly ‘free’ inspirational blogs, shows and writings to assist you in your awakenings.  I would love for you to connect with us if you so desire.

Blessings and light,

Joanna L. Perez

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